Medicinal Plant Walks

Christa Sinadinos Bio photo

Join herbalist and author, Christa Sinadinos, for a joyful and highly informative medicinal plant walk and tour of her vibrant gardens. 

Christa delights in teaching about herbal medicine, especially in one of her favorite places - her garden. She will discuss numerous medicinal herbs and their clinical uses with enthusiasm and detail. 

What will you learn about each herb?

  • The common names, Latin binomial/s, and family name/s and how to pronounce them 
  • What parts of the plant to use
  • Therapeutic actions
  • How it works in the body
  • What conditions it aids in treating

Times and Dates (June 24 & 25) 

There are two consecutive herb walks. The first walk will be held from 1-5 pm on Friday, June 24, 2022; the second walk will be held from 1-5 pm on Saturday, June 25, 2022.

You can attend one or both days. Christa will discuss different plants each day. Note: If the weather is gorgeous and she's on a roll, the class may go on until 5:30, so please give yourself some wiggle room.  

gardenWhere are we strolling? 

Classes will be held outdoors in Christa's garden (Fieldbrook, CA). Please come prepared to be in the elements. Classes will take place even if there is light rain. Directions and parking instructions will be emailed upon receipt of tuition. 

Cautionary Note: If its pouring rain or the weather is riotous, the walk will be cancelled. You will be notified by email and/or text. If we cancel due to those circumstances, your money will be refunded. 

What should I bring? sage bundle

  • A clipboard, paper, or notebook and pen 
  • Wear comfortable, close-toed shoes (No barefeet, there are too many sharp objects)
  • Apply sunscreen before you arrive. (Its easy to get a sunburnt!)
  • Bring a hat and wear layers. 
  • Bring a water-bottle, mug, and sack lunch, picnic, or snacks (whatever you need to sustain you for four hours)
  • Optional: A blanket to lounge on while taking notes 
  • Optional: bring pruners and a few paper or cloth bags (or basket) if you'd like to bring some herbs home with you. We have extra pruners if you don't have them. 
  • Your inquisitive, amazing, plant-loving self
  • Pack in and out everything you bring. 

What not to bring: 

  • A Covid-infected or sick indvidual or self. (For the safety of all, do not attend if you have tested positive for Covid or have a fever, chills, runny nose, cough, nausea, vomitting, gastric distress, or flu-related symptoms.) 
  • Dogs, ferrets, or other pets 
  • Unsupervised, caffienated, or unruly childrenMint tea


Christa will provide tea and/or a refreshing beverages. Water bottles can be refilled in our classroom. If there is an abundance of an herb/s growing in the garden, you can bring bundles home with you. 


We are offering two consecutive days of herb walks. The cost for both herb walks is $150-$200 (sliding scale); the cost for one herb walk is $80-$100. If you can afford to pay full price please do. 

studentsTuition Discount: If you've purchased my book and you're retired, on a fixed income, are a single parent with young kids, a Fieldbrook neighbor, or if you've experienced financial difficulties due to Covid, chronic disease, or illness (etc.), we have a several spots available as a discounted sliding scale: attend two days for $120-$150; or one day for $60-75. 

A Two-fer Tuition Deal: If you carpool and attend with a friend, the tuition is $150 for one day or $300 for two days. 

If you volunteered to work in our garden last summer or have attended our training programs, you quailfy for a tuition discount. Or work from 1-5 pm, Thursday, June 23 and attend one walk for free. 

angelica I'd love to attend! How do I sign up? 

There are a few ways you can register; the last day to sign up is June 20.   

1) Venmo - Send a non-refundable payment via Venmo; my account address is: @Christa-Sinadinos. List the date/s you're attending as the "note" and include your email address. I will confirm that I received payment and send directions. Should Venmo request it, 3552 are the last four digits of my phone number. 

2) Paypal - Send a non-refundable payment via paypal to "Christa Sinadinos" or NW School for Botanical Studies. Please check friends and family option for payment. I can also bill you via paypal; email me a request through the contact page. 

3) Check - Snail mail me a good old fashioned check by June 20. Email me through my contact page and I'll inform you of my mailing address. 

Note: Tuition is non-refundable on June 20. Should I have to cancel class due to poor weather, illness, or insufficient enrollment, all moneys will be refunded in full and will notify you of the cancellation as soon as possible. 

Christa Sinadinos Book

Would you like to order a copy of my book? 

The Essential Guide to Western Botanical Medicine will be available for purchase at the end of the day.

Can I order it in advance? 

If you'd like to order a copy in advance, I'll have it ready for you. Cash, check, Paypal and Venmo are acceptable forms of payments; otherwise, please order it through our website:

Would you like your book signed? 

If so, bring it and I'll autograph it after class. 

Class Minimum

We require a minimum of 10 students (each day) in order to hold the class.