Medicinal Herbs A-Z (Parts I & II)


Elecampane flowerBringing more than 25 years expertise as a clinician and teacher, Christa will enthusiastically engage with you to cover the medicinal uses and clinical applications of numerous herbs. 

In this highly informative and joyful, live online course, you will learn the uses of herbs arranged by therapeutic theme. You'll gain a deeper understanding of how the plants are working in the body, as Christa weaves in applicable physiology. 

In order to enhance and streamline the information and the plants that are covered, Christa's new textbook, The Essential Guide to Western Botanical Medicine, is required for this program. Hibiscus flower

Through the integration of the textbook, students will be able to quickly access the following: 

  • Latin binomials and common names
  • Preparation and dosage
  • Temperature and flavor 
  • Contraindications (when not to use the herb)
  • 1,000 botanical photographs 
  • Botanical descriptions for 128 plants 
  • More than 100 therapeutic compounds

Class Schedule

Medicinal Herbs A-Z (Part I)Passion flower

Part one of this live, online classes will be held on six consecutive Tuesdays, from 2-4 pm PST (5-7 pm EST), from March 14 - April 18, 2023There will be a brief break midway through class (5-10 minutes). 

Medicinal Herbs A-Z (Part II)

Part two will be held on five consecutive Tuesdays, from 2-4 pm PST (5-7 pm EST), from May 30 - June 27. There will be a brief break (5-10 minutes).

What will I learn? 

Listed below are the themes and systems that will be covered in part one and two:

  • Nutritive herbs - nutrient-dense herbs to nourish and replete 
  • Mucuous membranes - demulcents and astringents
  • Skin/integumentary system - skin-healing and first-aid herbs 
  • Immune and respiratory system - herbs that mitigate upper and lower respiratory infections, enhance immune function, and ease a fever 
  • Nervous system - herbs that ease anxiety, insomnia, pain, and inflammation 
  • Digestive system - bitters and carminatives that enhance digestion and assimilation 
  • Liver and Gallbladder - enhance detoxification, ease skin conditions, and improve fat digestion
  • Urinary System - diuretics; antibacterial herbs for urinary tract infections; bladder tonics 
  • Reproductive/generative systems - support the gonads and enhance hormone balance

CalendulaTuition for Medicinal Herbs A-Z (Part I & II)

The tuition fee for part one of the live, online program is $450; the fee for part two is $375. 

Note: In the unusual case that we have to cancel due to extenuating circumstances (power outages, internet disruption, fire evacuation, illness, etc.) a make-up class will be held from 2-4 pm, April 25, 2023. 

Tuition for Recordings of Medicinal Herbs A-Z (Part I & II)

Do you prefer to study on your own or are unable to meet at the scheduled times? Attend our asynchronous class and access recordings whenever its convinient for you. 

The tuition fee for part one class recordings / asynchronous classes is $325 and part two is $275. Recordings are accessible for up to one year. 

Comfrey flower


1) Attend our herbal medicine making class and confidently prepare: fresh and dry plant extracts; syrups and honeys; oils and salves; glycerites and acetums; decoctions, and hot and cold infusions. 

2) Have a firm grasp of herbal therapeutic terminology. 

Required Textbook Book cover

The Essential Guide to Western Botanical Medicine is the textbook required for this class and is a seperate expense from the tuition fee. To purchase this book or for more information visit: 

The cost for is $179.95 (plus $15.30 tax and shipping).  


We realize everyone has bad-hair days. However, if you are attending our live online class, we'd prefer to see you on the screen. Its a wonderful way to more joyfully connect with your plant-loving community. 

Note: A twelve person minimum is required for this class. All tuition fees will be refunded if we cancel class.