Herbal Medicine Making

Engage with Christa and fellow students for this fun, supportive, and informative course in which you will learn how to craft numerous medicinal preparations from the comfort of your home.

Based on 30 years of maintaining an herbal pharmacy, Christa will guide you through many hands-on processes for preparing herbal medicines and creating your personal apothecary. 

Before you know it, you will have a solid foundation and the knowledge and confidence to create your own herbal pharmacy. You’ll also have wonderful handouts and recipes as a referance.

Class Schedule

This live, online class will be held for seven Saturdays from 2-4 pm PST (5-7 EST), from March 4 to April 15, 2023.

What if I miss a class? 

We have got you covered. If you are unable to attend the live class, notify us in advance and we’ll grant you access to the recording. View our recorded video at any time for up to a year.

Want to learn at your convenience? 

If you’re not available at the time our online class occurs, we have a discounted rate for an  asynchronous option; you can access class recordings at anytime for up to a year and you’ll have access to all the class handouts and recipes.

What will I learn? 
How to prepare internal and topical medicines including: 

~How to calculate menstruum ratios and determine alcohol percentages (weight to volume method) 

~Optimal extraction methods for fresh and dry plants

~Alcohol- and glycerin-based menstruums

~Acetum (vinegar extracts), oxymels, and shrubs

~Herb-infused syrups, honeys, and pastilles

~How to prepare delicious medicinal teas (hot and cold infusions; decoctions)

~How to prepare high potency infused oils and salves 

~Natural body care for healthy, radiant skin 

~Poultices, fomentation, and liniments 

~Tools of the trade - what you need to get started and to build a thriving home pharmacy

What's included? 

~A beautiful printable pdf. copy of "Medicine Making" chapter from "The Essential Guide to Western Botanical Medicine." 

~A printable pdf. copy of "Herbal Therapeutic Terminology." 

~A printable pdf. copy of "Tincture Worksheets" to calculate menstruum ratios

~10% Discount to Mountain Rose Herbs

~In the live class, you'll have the opportunity to ask questions and receive guidance


Option One - Instruction for the live, online class (samples not included) 

Option Two - Instruction for the live online class and receive samples of "Medicine Bundle" (see the list below). 

Option Three - Access class recordings for up to one year

Medicine Bundle Package

The Medicine Bundle Package includes samples of numerous medicines prepared in class. This option is only available for shipments in the continental United Sates. (It does not include shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico. International shipping is not available for this option.) 

All preparations are made with organically cultivated and carefully wild-crafted herbs. We utilize organic grain alcohol,  vegetable glycerin, and vinegar for internal prodcuts. High quality, cold-pressed organic nut and seed oils are used for the oils and salves. Each product will be carefully hand-bottled, labeled, and packaged for shipping. 

Samples you will receive: 

External Medicines

2 ounces luxurious floral-infused body oil

1 ounce first aid salve

1 ounce muscle and joint support salve

1 ounce bonus salve

1 ounce liniment (alcohol-based)

1 lip balm

1 facial serum

Internal Medicines

2 ounces Fire Cider (acetum or oxymel)

2 ounces Digestive Bitters or Mediterranean Nutritive (acetum or oxymel)

2 ounces Cough Syrup (contains honey, water, and alcohol base)

1-ounce immune compound (tincture or glycerite)

1-ounce nervine compound (tincture or glycerite)

1-ounce digestive compound (tincture or glycerite)


To register by mail, please make checks payable to: Christa Sinadinos

Mail your payment to: 36 Kingston Road, McKinleyville, CA 95519.

Include your full name, mailing address and zip code, and your email address. We will confirm receipt of registration via email and send a link to classes.