The Essential Guide to Western Botanical Medicine

Nearly ten years in the making, I am thrilled to offer my new textbook - The Essential Guide to Western Botanical Medicine. It is a clinically-based, comprehensive resource for healthcare professionals, students, educational institutions, gardeners, and anyone with a zeal for herbs.

This beautifully designed textbook contains in-depth, science-based monographs with over 1,000 color botanical photographs capturing plants in many stages from the lens of a plant-loving herbalist.  

It is divided into four sections for effortless referencing:

  • The Materia Medica section consists of 550 pages of detailed monographs emphasizing the medicinal and clinical uses of herbs, as well as botanical descriptions, etymology, chemical constituents, nutritional profiles, temperature and flavor, contraindications, preparations and dosages.
  • The Medicine Making section contains easy-to-follow instructions for preparing herbal medicines.
  • The Herbal Therapeutic Formulas section contains more than 100 time-tested medicinal compounds and tea blends for common health conditions.
  • The Appendices and Indexes provide a referenced compendium listing treatments for more than 200 conditions. 

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ISBN: 978-0-692-78807-3

Measurements: 11.25' X 8.75' X 2.25' 

Weight: 7 lb. 6 oz. 

Pages: 753 (780 with front matter) 

Price: $179.95