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The Northwest School for Botanical Studies®
(NWSBS) offers emerging practitioners an outstanding contemporary education in the art and science of herbalism. We're dedicated to cultivating competency in professional herbalism by continually improving the standards of education and practice.

We're offering live online and a few in-person courses covering materia medica (medicinal herbs A-Z), herbal therapeutic treatment strategies, medicine making, physiology, field identification, formulation, and clinical skills.

The NWSBS offers beginning and intermediate herbal classes, and two in-depth programs including the Herbalist Training Program and the Clinical Herbalist Training Program.  Classes are designed for students who want to learn how to maintain vibrant health and support the health of friends and family members, and for students who want to pursue careers in herbalism. 

NWSBS is among the very few schools to feature an organic demonstration garden on site. The garden’s 200 medicinal species enable students to view herbs in a natural habitat, learn to identify them, and develop a personal connection with them.

"I appreciated getting to know the herbs up close in the field as well as being able to formulate the appropriate herbal combinations for a specific person, based on their constitution and condition. I have used the information gathered in her classes daily in my practice, assisting people to regain their health using natural therapies."
Linda Redfield, Nutritional Counselor
"Christa is a fabulous presenter, mixing solid integrity with light-hearted humor, while treating the class and the plants with the highest respect."
Sabel Rose Regalia, 2001 Graduate
"Christa is a dynamic teacher who can speak proficiently on over 200 medicinal plants. Each lesson is backed by years of experience as an herbal practitioner."
Sarah Lyon, Botanist
"I am blessed to be able to use this information on a daily basis."
Nora Sande, Herbalist
"Christa is professional, efficient, kind, and a wonderful teacher to share her love of herbs and their application to those who chose this path. Her ability to impart the vital knowledge of multiple herbs to her students is amazing!"
Deborah Roberts, Registered nurse
"If I could grab two things while fleeing from a natural disaster, it would be my child and my notes from Christa's program."
Michaela Hasler, 2002 Graduate
"Everyday I am surprised at how well-equipped I am to answer customer's questions with confidence and knowledge about the plants and how they work. I am grateful to have gotten such a comprehensive foundation from which to launch my career as an herbalist."
Shannon Ryan, 2008 Graduate
"The information I learned has been priceless when working with my clients. I would highly recommend the NWSBS to any student."
Mary Susan, Clinical Herbalist